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Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:02 pm
Developers are a tactical asset
Strategic opportunities can present themselves to your organization in the form of a new market, audience, product, service and so on. It’s likely you’ll need some technology support to capitalize on the opportunity, and that’s where an educated developer becomes an important asset. A developer who has a broad skillset in the latest technologies can quickly identify tools and approaches that your organization can explore. These tools and approaches may be new to your environment, so additional skills may be required to get the rest of the team up to speed. But simply knowing which direction to go is a great start. An agile workforce is a strategic investment; there’s a business advantage in having developers who have a pulse on what’s new in the world of software.

Developers get bored
Good developers are hard to find, and there’s a good reason to try and keep them in your organization once you’ve found them. However, developers are at risk of getting bored. Working on the same project day in and day out can be trying, and a lack of variety can cause developers to get restless and start updating their resume. Providing ongoing developlment opportunities can keep education software development company
engaged and interested in their jobs by helping them feel like they’re keeping up with their industry. Just as many companies offer a small allotment of “free time” for employees to pursue projects they find personally interesting, a little “open education” can make developers feel valued and help keep them interested even when their “real” job gets a little mundane.

Making education happen
For all the upsides of skill developlment, the challenges listed above are still present. However, developers’ unique work patterns and preferences for learning mean that you can tailor an experience designed to meet your developers where they are.
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